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So so angry right now!


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I took my surface to school today, trivial task for the mighty gorilla glass you may think? Turns out not.

tl;dr, my screen cracked all the way across for no apparent reason.

So, its a cold day, not sure if that could affect the screen, but my surface was just placed in my bag, with the type cover attahced.

I get to fourth period, and nothing of note had happened before, i go to get my surface out of my bag, and its cracked, all the way across the screen infact, from the left edge all the way over to the right edge. Now i was very worried at this point, because this is highly unusual for gorilla glass im sure, i was worried that my warranty had expired (bought on november 25th)

I get home, straight onto surface support and chatting with "timothy". I learn that the gorilla glass breakage isnt covered on the warranty, and a replacement will cost £242. Now this is what i am so angry about, and i knew it was going to happen, microsoft refused to admit that i hadnt broken the damage and insisted that i had put "excessive force" on it because thats the only way it could break. The most force it could have had on it was probably when i put my bag down (dropped 20cm max). Which is an everyday knock surely? And the gorilla glass should resist these.

Another thing, how long after purchase can you get this extra insurance for it? (the one that covers accidental damage). And will my home insurance cover it?
I think you have 45 days to purchase the MS Complete package. I used to carry my Surface the way you did, with touch cover on and in my backpage. But for additional protection, I went ahead and purchased the incipio black/blue sleeve. I just didnt want something to happen within my backpack, just like what happened with you.

Sorry to hear this. hate it when when a cracked screen happens on such a high pri
I have a sleeve aswell, this morning i was late and i went to grab it but the sleeve was upstairs "oh it wont matter for today, nothing will happen, and im late as it is"

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Sorry to hear about your issue. Gorilla Glass isn't impervious and does in fact break just as all other glass. It is really more of a scratch/shatter resistant glass than a break proof glass. Unless you can prove a defect I think they are being reasonable in that the standard warranty wouldn't cover user damage. You can see if you can still get the extended warranty which will cover you in that case though.

I wouldn't assume that a 20cm (8") drop wouldn't break the screen. If it hit the right way and it was quite cold out I could see the screen cracking in the manner indicated. It really just depends on the nature of the impact. It also sounds like it might have been in a bag with perhaps books or other heavy objects. In the video below two drops broke right away and in several others it took multiple drops that looked far worse (ouch the stairs). Factor in the weight difference and screen area difference between a tablet and phone and it seems reasonable that a tablet would have issues from much lower heights. Really there is just no way to tell which will be the drop to do it.

Time Code List:
Intro - 0:00
How is Gorilla Glass Made - 1:14
Major misconception - 2:42
Aha! The Oleophobic layer - 5:48
Scratch tests - 7:20
Drop tests - 12:26
I enjoyed the video too. I pamper my RT and IMO it would take a hard blow to crack the glass. So sorry to hear it happened to you.
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When I traveled with my rt I always kept it in a slim but hard side case logic case. Twenty bucks and provides good protection.
Ah that wasn't nice to watch!!! Would like to get a hard case for mine but I've not seen any I like yet. Got my old netbook case and that works ok for now.
i would like to see a drop test done with various different sleeves, just for re-assurance that the standard leather sleeve you can buy will help it.