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Screen Brightness


My Pro 2 screen seems darker than my Pro 1. I have to set the brightness to about 75% to have the white on this forum be bright. I think on my Pro 1 I only needed to set it for the screen to be bright.

Are you guys experiencing a dark screen too?


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jamesk. I'm not having this problem. In fact, I wish my screen could go darker (when working in low light environments).

In a well lit room I only need the brightness around 20% (it looks like the bar is 20% of the way up, anyway. I don't know how to check the exact figure).

But, perhaps, I just have sensitive eyes?
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The adaptive screen brightness may have been tweaked for better battery life. You can turn this off and test it by going into the advanced power plan options. I keep mine on when using battery, and off while on the charger typically.