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Surface 7 Display


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my Surface 7 arrives and I am disappointed with the display. The display is quite dark - although the screen brightness in windows is on 100%.

In comparison to my old surface 4 the display is considerably darker.

I adjust the screen brightness on the old surface 4 to 70% und on the new surface 7 to 100% - then the similar brightness is on both. Can that really be?

How is your experience with the surface 7 display ? Is it (considerably) darker than the older surfaces?

Thank you very much
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Mine is as bright or even slightly brighter with better color depth.
Here's both side-by-side each at 100% brightness.
SP3 SP7 Screens.jpg
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Thanks Scottys for the picture - definitly a better display - i think - something is wrong with my new Surfave7:(


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I purchased a surface pro 8 the i5 edition and boy it is nice the screen it's pixel density is unreal i've never seen windows look so good