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Screen capture a la iPhone or iPad


I was told by the MS Store employee that a screen capture could be made by pressing the Windows logo on the Surface Pro and the down volume button at the same time. This seems to work sporadically, at best. I also use Gadwin PrintScreen, which works very well on desktop and Metro style apps, including videos. This program, however, only responds to my Apple BT keyboard, not to the Type Cover inputs. I'm mystified. Any suggestions to solve either of these issues. The hardware button screen capture works on the iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch devices even after a system crash. I think it would be a good thing if the MS devices did as well.


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Just hold the bezel Windows button (it will buzz briefly but you can keep holding it) and the press volume - (it doesn't have to be at the exact same time and can be pressed with in a second or two of the Windows button) and the screen should dim for a second. Then you will have a screenshot in Pictures>Screenshots. It shouldn't be that difficult but you may need to practice if you aren't getting it to work consistently.


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Like the above poster said, hold the windows key first, then press volume down. Doing it the other way will just lower your volume and take you to the metro ui. Took a few times before I noticed it.


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Ha, I first pressed Windows + volume up and ended up having my SP talking to me (Narrator). Weird, never come across that before. Turned it off smartish too.


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I use a program called Snag-It. It is amazing and works without keyboard or mouse, it has a finger sized peeking option that works like a charm, it then takes your capture, sized, just window or whole screen into a capture program where you can write, insert text, video, links and more. It is alsome and adapted well to the touch screen.


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I don't need yet another application, as the previous posts mentioned, it is *so easy* and I have hundreds of screenshots, not a single one missed using the method provided by Microsoft. My HTC One V was even harder, but still don't need an app.