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Surface Book 2 won't startup


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Hello everyone!

My name is Jim and a have a problem with my MS Surface Book 2.

The problem:
When the SB is switched off, and i push on the power button (on top of the tablet) the computer initially responds well. When the SB is starting up you will see the bios screen. I think because the SB is made by Microsoft, it is the same screen than when Windows is about to start. However, a loading bar has been added below the logo.

So, when i start the SB, we have first the BOIS screen, and after that we have the Windows loading screen.

But the problem is that before i see the Windows loading screen, the computer turns itself off completely. In a flash, the screen is black, includes the light of the keyboard. It's like pulling a powerplug out of a desktop device. So, i repeat this proces and push the powerbutten agian. After several attempts, the computer will start up correctly. The number of times the computer performs this behavior varies between two to five. Sometimes it is gone.

What have i try to solve above problem:
The ony thing i have tried is set the SB in factory settings and installing Windows 10 again. But without succes. I have also look into the bios if i can chance the startup behavior. But i can't find something.

Specification of the MS Surface Book 2:
Type: Microsoft Surface Book 2 - i7 - 16GB - 1TB
Operating system: Win10 1909 build 18363.836

I hope someone can help my to solve above problem. Thank you!