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Seen on Windows 9 - you may like this, a lot.


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For those of you who don't use a Windows phone, (8.1), it has a feature called WiFi Sense. Essentially it allow you to auto log into WiFi hot spots. It will agree to terms for you and even enter your mail and password if required.

It turns out that this is going to be a feature in Windows 9.

There is also a feature called Storage Sense. It allows for displaying installed programs by size, (for instance), and uninstall multiple programs at once. It even allow for automatically specifying the default locations for file type like videos and photos, and includes the ability to specify the SD card as that location.

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Oooh that sounds good. I often used to wish I had Google Now on the PC... cortana should do that job.
<sarcastically> of course you can't do voice on a PC since they are more powerful than a low power hand held device they couldn't possibly speak or interact with the user via voice. LOL

meh, very weak this has no future :)
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