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Select multiple items using Surface pen ?


I'm working in Outlook. How can I select multiple emails to move to a different folder by just using my pen? Thanks!
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hold the shift button and slide to select a group of emails.
hold ctrl and select individual emails in a list.
When done the emails will change shade/color to signify selection.
You can choose how to move next:
A. you can long press the pen on one of the selected emails in the group. A context menu will appear. You can then select "move to" and select the folder you want to move the emails to. press okay, once folder of choice is made and it's done. It can take a couple of seconds for the transfer to complete
B.you can long press the pen on one of the selected emails in the group. if you see your destination folder in the side panel you can then slide you pen on the screen over from the list to the folder. This will start a drag and drop animation where the selected emails will float with the pen towards the destination folder. With the pen over the destination folder, this folder with change shade/color signifying the destination folder is selected. If you let the stylus go from the screen outlook will start transfering the floating emails from the inbox to the desination folder. It can take a few seconds.

I know with older outlook desktop apps, there is a small field in the left edge of the inbox pane where you can press the pen to select emails without using a shift or ctrl key. In the beginning its a bit hit or mis. you can also use the slide gesture in this narrow field to start a shft+ select function of a group of emails. Not sure if this works in the latest version of outlook for windows. I don't use it anymore as I have switched to the native email client app in windows.
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