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Serious BUG in Win 8 Modern Inerface


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:cool2:This AM I spent 2 hrs with tech support trying to get my literature database, EndNote6, to synch wiht its online version. Nothing the EndNote folks tried worked .... EndNote 6 could not c0nnect to the web even though all my other apps do just fine.

The EndNote (Thompsen Reuters) suport insisted I must be running a proxy or have some problem with the firewall. They gave up saying I needed to get my admin to fix "the problem."

I called Xfintiy Support (Comcast extra fee tech support). The tech IMMEDIATELY knew the problem ... Apps launched within Metro (Modern) tiles use a form of internal proxy to isolate themselves. Sounds kooky? Another explanation is that Metro block programs from DLig add ons like Java. Either way , when I launched the SAME app from the Win 7 interface it worked fine!

I think this explains some other similar issues I have had when working in Apps launched from Modern Tiles. :yelling::yelling:


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Have no idea if this will help at all and it probably won't but you can try ModernMix from Stardock that allows you to run Modern UI apps from your desktop and see if it makes any difference, Can't hurt.


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modern mix works well. i use it personally on my sp and my home desktop which is a gaming rig. Fyi Thompsen Reuters sucks their support couldnt find their way out of a paper bag if it was wet... I deal with them for their ppc line of auditing software and i dread when i have to call them.


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I am using EndNote X6 and I have had no problems with connectivity to EndNote web, so I am confused by this post. In Windows 8, programs either have to be run as desktop programs or as Modern Apps. Many programs only have one version (Desktop program or Modern App), whereas a few like Internet Explorer and OneNote now come in both versions (and they are distinct programs with different functionality in desktop vs modern app). To my knowledge, EndNote is only a desktop program and there is no EndNote Modern App (just a recently released iPad app). So regardless of whether you open EndNote X6 from a shortcut on a "tile" or a shortcut on the desktop, the program should open on the Windows 8 desktop. I just tried both behaviors and confirmed that in both cases I could sync my library with EndNote web, so using a shortcut tile is not a problem. I'm not really sure how you could open EndNote in the Modern interface, since there is no modern app. Are you trying to open EndNote web in the browser or is there another Modern app you are trying to use?