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Short Battery life


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Thank you for your reply :) yes I have calibrated the battery.... I always let it run down and then fully charge it without using... I run the battery report but it is a little strange because it says that I have used the device in periods that it was off... I didn't understand it very well :/

You shouldn't run it down all the time - only once per month.

If you upload the report to onedrive or something, and give an example of what you're not getting here, someone can help explain it.


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mine was also draining very fast, reaching 4.5h maximum with light usage.

the strange thing was that in the batteryreport the capacity wasn't showing. so I called microsoft and they changed it for a new one (took 4 days with the standard exchange in Europe).

new one last 6.5h with the same settings and usage as the old one!
I only ever get about 5.5 out of my i7 but I use Chrome. Watching VLC videos (usually MKV with high CPU load for decoding) also kills it in about 5 hours. I assume this is to be expected for these use cases. I suspect if I was just using Metro browser or other non-intensive tasks I would get substantially more life.