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Shortcuts on desktop


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Hi is it possible to add shortcuts to the desktop or taskbar on the rt? ie Like adding 'computer' like on a pc desktop? Can pin things to the start but the only thing on my desktop is the recycle bin


Hi, Rich --

You can add programs to the Taskbar, but I have not yet found a way to put their icons on the Desktop.

Open a program that runs on Desktop (e.g. Control Panel or Computer). When the program opens, it will appear in the taskbar. Right click its entry on the taskbar, and choose "Pin this program to Taskbar."

If you find a way to put icons on the Desktop, let us know.

Thanks for the info and I'll let u know if I work it out. What's the idea of having a desktop if you can't really use it?
Here are the steps if I understand you correctly:
1) Open Control Panel
2) Select "Appearance and Personalization"
3) Select "Personalization"
4) Select Select "Change desktop icons" on the left hand side
5) Now you can choose what Desktop icons you wish to show
6) Save changes by pressing apply and ok
That's great thanks. Is there a way to add things like the music folder etc? Seem to be able to only add whats listed? Cheers
No problem!And from file explorer:
1) You see Libraries on the left pane
2) Just drag the Music (The one with the music note icon) onto the desktop
3) A shortcut will be created
Nice 1! Thanks a lot. I don't suppose you know how to run object dock do you or something similar?
Also if you tap and hold on the desktop, you can select New - Shortcut for the menu and create a shortcut to whatever you want, but for most things these would be easier to get to from the Start screen and or search. But options are never bad.
As much you can get as a "dock" for Windows RT:
*A good way to not put too much clutter on your desktop too
The steps are as follows:
1) Open File Explorer, and open your C:\ Drive
2) Create a new folder called "QuickLaunch" or whatever name you desire
3) Right-Click your taskbar, and scroll up to "Toolbars"
4) Click on "New toolbar..."
5) Navigate to C:\QuickLaunch and press "Select Folder"
6) Now any shortcuts you place here will show on your taskbar within "QuickLanch >>"
This may not be what you're looking for, but it helps not filling your desktop
thanks for these ideas so far =)