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Should I exchange my SP4 i5 for a SP4 i7? DOES IT HEAT UP LIKE THE SP3?!


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My biggest complaint about the SP3 was that it ran HOT. The i7 especially ran VERY HOT. I had to get a USB fan to cool the thing down because it was an egg fryer.

I bought the i5 SP4. Now I kind of want the i7 for no real good reason other than the fact that it's faster and I could put the extra performance to good use.

I DO NOT want a repeat of the SP3 i7. I don't want to exchange my perfectly cool temperatured SP4 i5 for a egg frying hot SP4 i7.

Does anyone know how hot the i7 SP4 gets? Does it get as hot as the SP3?
Based on information all over the net, i7 and i5 temperatures are very close. However, i7 power throttles (not thermal throttle) ONLY when GPU and CPU are loaded (i.e. video games). i7 SP4 will NOT throttle during CPU video encode and will keep the 3.2 GHz boost indefinitely. Once the Iris GPU is 100% loaded to 1 Ghz GPU frequency, the CPU will dip down to 900 MHz (worst case). Temps should be no more than 80 degrees C (worst case) at full CPU load. At full CPU and GPU load, temps drop down to 60 degrees due to power throttle issue.