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SP4 i7 questions


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I own the SP3 but I want to upgrade to a SP4 256 GB SSD, i7, 16 GB RAM soon. However, knowing the problems I had with the SP3 I have the following questions:

- The i7 used in SP4 seems to have the Iris 54o graphics. Is this faster than NVidia's 940M?
- Does the SP4 still has throttling issues? I have to use a fan to cool the back of the SP3 in order to do some light gaming. Will I still have to use a fan?



I'm an i7 pro owner and I don't think it's quite as powerful as the 940m but it's not far off. Games will probably run better on the 940m (with smoother, more stable framerates)

But the i7 in the pro is an amazing IGP , Ive done a couple of tests with mine:
It scores 13546 in 3dmark06,
2434 in 3dmark11

It has power limit throttling which is different to thermal throttling but, a fan can alleviate this issue too.