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Should I install the new Intel Graphics drivers or wait for Windows to send it in an update?


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Hello all. The title basically says it. I have seen that the new Intel drivers look like they are offering some very promising improvements for our lovely SP3's. I even started to install the driver from the Intel website from the .exe file but go the message that the driver had not been approved for my system. I have since read that MS adds their own tweaks to the drivers and will usually send out an approved version. Also, you can still successfully install the driver by using the .zip file from the Intel site and manually installing. Although, I am confused from posts saying that once you do this Windows will try to have you revert back to the "approved" driver. So, what's the point?

So, my questions are these:

Should I assume that MS will eventually incorporate this into a future Windows Update? How long does that usually take? If I install the driver manually, what should I expect as far as Windows updates trying to revert the system back?

If we are pretty sure that MS will release these updates in an "approved" driver update soon, then I will probably just wait for that. However, patience isn't always my strongest trait.....and I love to make my SP3 the best she can be. :)


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I don't know personally, but I think they've taken a few months in the past on the older generations. I guess my question would be, "what issue are you trying to solve?" I mean, don't get me wrong... The reported gains seem fairly impressive, but I'm not a gamer personally and I've never once felt that I had some sort of unavoidable graphics issue. So, for me, the answer is that I'll wait until such improvements are rolled into the regular release cycle (which I'm sure that they will be). All that being said, I wouldn't hold it against anyone for trying the new drivers out ahead of time.


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other have installed the intel drivers and cause small problems and others have no problems at all, so its a hit and miss depending on your device... but me personally I wouldn't fool around with that if your device is working fine... why fix it if it isn't broken right? but its peoples nature to try to get MORE out of their devices ;)