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Sick of fingerprints!! Solution?


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In all seriousness, I hate to see smudges all over the screen but I find that I only see them when the screen is turned off. I too use a micro fiber cloths once in awhile to clean the smudges.


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I have started using these to clean my SP3: (I also use them on my glasses too)




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I just got my SP3 last week, but here's what I did to solve the smudges issue.

I went out and bought a pair of microfiber cleaning gloves. The product name is Clean Green Microfiber Gloves. They're made to dust furniture and clean window blinds. Cost me about $6 for a pair at OfficeMax, and they are reversible so you can have a spare if you only want to wear it on one hand. I cut the ends off the thumb, index and middle finger with a pair of scissors.

Now I can draw to my heart's content without messing up the screen or having my hand stick to the glass. Added bonus is they're non-capacitive, so I no longer have problems setting off the Windows button either.


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No coating or anything of the sort will get rid of fingerprints or smudges, save your money and use the old fashioned microfiber fiber cloth.

I use smitty's glass wax, they claim it get's rid of finger prints, but it doesn't. What it does do well is to make it easier to wipe off the finger prints and smudges. I have yet to see a product that can deliver a solution to this problem and I doubt that we ever will.


Use the pen for mouse clicks and the trackpad for scrolling. Or get the arc mouse...which I won't do since it is an added object to carry around