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Sidebar no longer responds to input when Keyboard is attaced.


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The sidebar from the right side, the one with the Start button, settings, search, etc... is no longer responding to input... tapping on the icons does nothing.
same goes for closing apps by sliding in from the top. actually, all the sliding functionality for that matter is not working.

this only seems to happen when the keyboard is attached (the keyboard with clicky keys). when i detach the keyboard, everything starts responding as it should.

i've tried power-cycling everything, but no change in the behavior.


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Have you installed all Windows Updates? Aside from that a reboot with keyboard attached should fix the problem. Either that or your keyboard may be defective.


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I think my surface pro is stuck in a mode where some Modifier Key is in a Constant State of being ON. Kinda like how when Caps Lock is ON it can screw up a bunch of stuff.

Whether I use a keyboard, or the On-Screen Keyboard, typing the letter "l" (lowercase "L") immediately locks the surface...


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Sounds like the Windows key is stuck. Try cleaning the screen and wiggling the key on the keyboard as well as shaking any potential debris out if it.