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Various Issues, looking for solutions


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I recently got my Surface pro 3 128gb i5. It's a pretty cool device but coming from windows xp and 7, I'm trying to get the functionality as close as possible to the older operating systems.

I currently am running the Startisback program which brings the tradiational start menu back.

I have various issues and things i want to try change, i would appreciate any input or solutions.

1. I use the magnifier, it is currently on Lens mode. I use Windows Button and + to activate it.
When I de-activate it using Windows button and ESC. The Win8 start/home screen comes up.
I have not found a way to stop this happening. When the start button is pressed by itself, it comes up with my traditional start menu. But when I try to exit the magnifier glass, the win8 style start menu comes up.

There is other times when sometimes my magnifier randomly comes on, such as when i fold my Surface closed, and then open it up and log back in, the magnifier comes up.

2. I want to try get rid of as much as the "Pink" menus as I can, e.g the full screen or sidebar ones, e.g the bluetooth menu comes up as a pink screen, I want all this to be a regular window. What can I do to get rid of most of this stuff.

3. Is there anyway to be able to hold the touch pad in order to do a double click, instead of a double finger tap?

4. my C drive has some sort of lock symbol and exclamation mark on it, how do I remove this?

5. How do I remove the check box when clicking on desktop icons, I dont want this to appear

6. With Bluetooth, I cant send files unless i command the Surface Pro 3 to recieve files. I paired it with my samsung note 3, and when i send files from the Surface to the Samsung, it is fine, but when sending from Samsung to surface, you have to manually command the surface to be on the listen for files, otherwise the samsung tries to send a file and simply does not get recieved.

7. Is there any way to remove the home screen after you fold the device open, I want it to just fold out to my desktop so i can begin using the Surface Pro immediately, instead of having to swipe or enter my password.

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