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Skin for Spur back


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Next week I'm going to buy sp3 i5 with touch cover but I'm really scared of any scratches on the back of my devices.

So my brother had a really good idea: make a skin with those who are used for cars to protect their paint of scratches.

Did anyone know if it works ? I know it sticks on windows or cars without any gluten but on the back of sp3 back?

Thanks mattes


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There is at least one company, icarbons.com, making pre-cut skins for the Surface 3. They use the same high quality material as often used on cars, 3M DI-NOC. And you can get black carbon fibre, and several other patterns. I decided not to get one so I can't tell you more than that.


Yes they do: http://www.stickerboy.net/pages/microsoft-surface-pro-3-skin-series . They've had them for a few months now, I got the I got the Metal Series Brushed Aluminum. It's pretty nice, has a little bit of texture to you and when you remove it there's no residue.

Thanks for the direct link. It took awhile to resolve, but finally loaded. Funny thing is I had that skin in the demo video for my Asus. I took it off when I gave it to DW. I now have added more options to choose from. I have a lot of decision to make quickly.