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Surface Pro 2 + after market skin - replacement possibilities?


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Hi all,

I recently bought a Surface Pro 2 and then bought a skinomi carbon fiber skin to cover it, protecting from scratches, and in my opinion, improving the look and feel of the device. The adhesive on the skin is very strong and does not appear easy to remove once set.

The problem, then, is I'm not sure what to do about returning the device to Microsoft due to the firmware/battery/heating issues for a replacement. I'm concerned that the skin will peel off parts of the renowned poor finish on the paint. Also, I doubt that the skin would stick to a new device if it was removed from this one. Does anyone have experience of how to handle such situation?

If it makes a difference, I'm based in the UK.


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I'd try and contact Microsoft first dude if you're worried. Ask for an email if you phone... that way your back is covered either way.


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Also if you end up having to remove it I believe it will remove much easier if you do so while using a blow dryer to heat it up as this will make the adhesive easier to peel.


I had a clear skin applied to all surfaces of the surface (pun intended :) ) and did the exchange in a microsoft store leaving the skin on the device. They were fine with it and just verified there was no obvious user caused damage and such. I wouldn't worry about it


Yes, they will not replace the skin or give credit towards a new one unfortunately, but that is reasonable IMO, they cant be held accountable for 3rd party accessories applied to it.


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I've got a carbon fiber skin on mine that I've removed twice and reapplied due to replacements. User some heat and go slow so you don't stretch the skin and you'll be fine.