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Skulls of the Shogun on Jan. 30


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Hey guys,
I was just reading about this game coming to the Surface. It's described as a turn-based strategy game, coming to Win8,WinRT,XBLA and WinPhones. It will be $6.99 for phones and $14.99 on the other platforms. Seems a little expensive, however, if it's at the same quality as a lot of the recent Xbox arcade releases it should be worth it. I'll be picking it up on the 30th and post some thoughts on it. I wish MS would allow the use of MS points on Surface, I have 800 points from Bing rewards that I would love to be able to spend in the store.


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I've been waiting for this game for quite some time now. I'll pick it up for my phone and Surface and if it's as good as it should be I might end up buying the 360 version as well. Really want to support developers that are doing good things for the platform.


Hope they have a trial as I'm not usually in to these turn based games, but this one looks interesting.


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I've been hoping that MS would port Toy Soldiers over to RT. I love that game on XBLA. They've got a lot of good games that they could bring over from XBLA.