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SkyDrive offer transferable?


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I just ordered my new Surface Pro 2 and I'm intrigued by the SkyDrive offer (200GB of storage free for two years). I personally don't need it since I back up my files to my Pogoplug, but my wife needs a seamless backup solution that's a little more reliable and user-friendly than the Pogoplug. Can I just give it to her? I saw on the webpage that the offer comes in the form of a redemption code packaged with the Surface Pro 2; is there anything keeping me from just giving the code to my wife and having her use it with her Microsoft account (she has an original Surface Pro)?


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I don't see why not. You just log into the relevant Skydrive (IE her account) and hit the "redeem code" button.


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Just remember that it's a subscription service and will require fees after the 2 years, amounting to $100/year if you keep all 200GB. ;) Only 7GB is free.

Offer terms: Valid for original purchasers of Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 only. Valid for 200 GB of SkyDrive storage for 2 years from redemption. Offer code must be redeemed within 90 days from original purchase, and no later than December 31, 2014. Internet access fees may apply. Limit: One offer code per purchase of qualifying Surface device and per Microsoft account. Not redeemable for cash or gift cards. Single use only. Not packaged for individual resale.


Do we know how long the offer lasts? Like for how long will they be offering free SkyDrive with new Surface 2s?


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My guess is the "no later than December 31, 2014" clue, though in reality the deal is probably on so long as new 2nd generation Surface can be purchased. The coupons are added to the box as they're sealed, after all.


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How do you get the redemtion code. I purchase an SP2 from a Microsoft store and they never mentioned a redemtion code.

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