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Trouble with the 200GB skydrive


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I recently purchased a Surface Pro 2, and having some trouble with the Free 2 year skydrive that came with it.

I put in the code, and I can see that it now has an updated storage capacity via a web browser (saying I have 207GB of free space), but when I try to transfer files over, it says that I have ran out of space, and cannot continue.

I first thought this was a syncing problem, but I can both create folders and transfer smaller files and see them updating on both the Skydrive APP, on Skydrive.live.com, and on my own desktop.

Any suggestions?


Might it take a little while for the extra storage to be available? How long between activating the code and seeing the error message?


I'd have thought so too.
Where and how are "transferring over to"?
It's probably one for a support case with MS though.