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sleeve for surface 3

I got the Marcoo felt and faux-leather sleeve (has a pen holder). Sold out in most places but available from the Microsoft (UK) store. Extremely happy with it.


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I'm using the Booq Viper Hardcase 13. It's great, and there is a conveniently placed label inside the case which can be used for pen storage.


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I bought a d-Park leather case for mine and the pen clips on the flap. It is well designed high quality leather for about $30. I love it and got it on ebay.


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seen people on ere going on about a problem with storing the pen that comes with the surface

i have been looking for a sleeve for the surface when i get mine and come across this has a handy pocket for the pen

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chromebook-touchsmart-C720-2800-micro-architecture-touchscreen/dp/B00HM2B3N2/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1409841521&sr=8-11&keywords=surface 3 accessories

has any one had one of these , are they any good think i will be getting one just to keep the surface protected when in my bag

I got this one from Corkor shortly after I got my SP3. It's beautiful, well made and has held up very well.