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Pen backup


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Dude for ten bucks I ordered it, I saw ppl talking about it on the tablet review forum and they found it comparable and a good backup pen.


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Out of 14 reviews 12 are 5 star, 2 are 4 star. Excellent ratings.

Never trust ANY 5 star reviews or 1 star reviews. :p

Also, love to see reviews on this pen when y'all get em' in.


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I ordered one as well, but the item that arrived was clearly previously opened and not "New". The pen also seemed to behave very erratically in use, sometimes skipping entire portions of letters as I wrote. Perhaps I received a bunk pen, so I'm returning and trying another, but if this is typical performance...I'll pony up and buy a real deal replacement. Cost be damned...
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Anyone know if a Dell Active Stylus (originally for the Dell Venue Pro 8) will work? I gave the Dell to my son and a few weeks later they sent me an upgraded stylus, but he didn't want it.