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Wi-Fi Status shows Speed not typical for Wireless "N" devices


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I'll start out by saying that I have gone through all of the recommended troubleshooting tips you can find on-line but I cannot get the speed shown for the SP Wi-Fi adapter to come anywhere near 300 Mbps as you will find for wireless N devices. I have an older HP laptop and a generic home-built desktop with a wireless N adapter and both show speeds of 300Mbps consistently without any deviation. My SP speed varies anywhere from 6-120 Mbps no matter where the SP is located, even when the SP is sitting next to a laptop that is showing Wi-Fi speed of a solid 300 Mbps. Connectivity to the internet seems OK. When I see something happen like this, especially on a brand new product, I get suspicious about the hardware. It seems odd though that MS does not show any Marvell network products in their compatibility listing for WIN 8. MS Surface support was of no help except that I should try to "reset" my SP. Is there a real issue here?


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I love when some one starts off with an issue but than says they have searched everywhere for a fix with an under tone of don't offer a solution.but can not search or forum.