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Solved Slow WiFi, need router upgrade sugestions


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Just came back home with a Surface 3 today. I love it but I have a wifi problem. Every other PC/tablet/game console in my house run at 12Mbps on wifi (the maximum speed on my plan) but the surface is toping at 3,6Mbps and almost no upload speed at all (0,4).

My router is a 2 year old Asus 2,4Ghz, it's probably too old for the chip in the surface. I will buy a new one but I would like to know what to buy to at least be able to stream 1080p videos, now I can't even watch youtube in 720p.

What router brand do you have and what speed do you get on S3 atom?


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ASUS makes some really great A/C routers. That's the type of router you should look for.


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Do you have a set budget?


Like said above asus makes some nice routers. A couple years ago I bought a none AC asus router and it's still going strong. The coverage on these is insane. If I were to buy one now it would be an asus AC for future proof as I can only assume most if not all new devices will take advantage of AC. Then again not everyone has blazing fast internet to take advantage of AC speeds
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I recently switched to Asus RT-AC1200HP router, here are specs: http://www.asus.com/Networking/RTAC1200HP/overview/ . I'm very happy with it. Higher model has 2 usb 3.0 ports, this one is same speed but has only 1 usb 2.0 port, which is fine with me as I don't use any sort of network drive. It's super easy to configure and 5Ghz band is really fast and stable.


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After trying different options in my Asus router, I was able to solve my problem by choosing ''G only'' in the band selection menu. Now the surface 3 is doing almost as fast as my other laptops and consoles. The only problem is that my slingbox now requires a wired connection.

Microsoft shouls really go with a better vendor for it's wifi card, if a 200$ laptop can connect to every wifi band, this tablet should be able to do just as well.