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Wifi Router Incompatibility?......


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My wife and I live in Los Angeles and Time Warner is our internet provider. In Los Angeles, we use an Arris router that was provided by Time Warner (have made the decision not to buy our own router....waiting to see what happens as a result of the Charter merger). In Los Angeles, my wifi connection literally screams. I believe that our Surface Books have the capability of experiencing 177 mbps and speedtest routinely measures over 100 mbps.

We also have a condo in Rancho Mirage. Again, Time Warner is our internet provider there. But, we purchased our own router....it is a Netgear N600 router. Now, the speed that we pay for gives us a maximum 2 mbps. However, that is generally sufficient for our needs as we use the condo once every 2 to 3 weeks.

Up until around 2 months ago, everything was generally fine in Rancho Mirage. But, recently, my wifi connection speed is a crawl. I am able to connect, but the lag between keystrokes and execution on screen is excruciating.

Time Warner came out yesterday and checked the signal at the router and everything was fine. We did hardwire and wifi speed checks. The hardwire speed check came out fine and it measured at 2 mbps. My wifi speed, however, was less than 1 mbps and struggled to get much past .80 mbps. He also checked the cable and actually found a portion of the cable to be deteriorating; so, he replaced a portion of it. But, this did not do anything to help my issue.

My wife's Dell computer has not experienced any issues at all as she is able to have a decent internet experience.

I found on the internet a suggested temporary fix which involved editing the registry. I did this, but this had no effect. I called Microsoft support and they were useless. They told me that they don't have a troubleshooting routine for a slow wifi connection....only for a Surface that does not connect at all.

Anyone have any suggestions? Could the installation of a program on my laptop cause a change relating to the wifi card that would cause my issues?

Thank you.