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Snippet Video of the Microsoft Surface Presentation Shows the Tablet Freezing Up


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Even though the new Surface tablet from Microsoft looks like it could be a real game-changer in the tablet wars, that doesn't mean it (just like all technology) is not without its glitches. In fact, during Microsoft's presentation of the device yesterday, there was a moment when their prototype demo unit actually froze up. Luckily, they had a backup ready to go just in case that happened. Of course, with new hardware it's to be expected that you might have some minor issues, and to Microsoft's credit, this presentation was put together rather quickly on a spur of the moment. Also, they have until its rumored release of October to iron out any bugs.

Check out the video below, then just head back to the thread to share your thoughts on this video snippet. Was it a big flaw in their presentation, or did they handle it with aplomb?



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It's happens, it just happens to Microsoft more then anyone else :)

Moving right along....



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Windows 8/RT isn't even final yet! So no biggie. The account I read of the incident it was very minor and they moved on well.


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At least this didn't happen.....



This will not stop me from getting this tablet, but I have to admit that's a pretty awkward situation. I can completely understand a few glitches on such a new operating system, the big deal for me is how they address those issues. I hope they don't follows Samsung's upgrade practices.


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He was a little nervous even getting on the stage, but he did fine, he the the prototype froze, he did get a little freaked out, but he got it together and grabbed the other prototype and finished his demo.