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[video] TechnoBuffalo Microsoft Surface Hands On


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Microsoft Surface First Look - Getting Hands On with Microsoft's New Tablet.

The Microsoft Surface tablet has finally made it's debut, and while we only got a few precious moments to actually hold the device, it was enough to leave us wanting more. Not discussed in the presentation was the capacitive touch button, the really solid feeling build quality and all the way down to the Windows logo on the front. October can't come soon enough for us to get some more hands-on time with this device. Continue reading: Microsoft Surface Tablet Hands-On Video | TechnoBuffalo
I love what I see so far, tired of buggy Android tablets and limited iPad productivity apps. This has got my attention for sure.
As soon as Surface 8 is out, I'll be kissing goodbye to my iPad 3.
I'm very excited to get hold of one of these.
lol when they said at the presentation you guys would get your hands on one i didnt expect that..

notice people cant get close to devices xD