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So I left the house with my new SP2 8.1 today and Reconnecting of printer


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didnt work when I got back. how do i ensure when I reconnect to my network that the print will reconnect? now sure why it didnt?

I have SP1 in a corporate environment and I have to restart the Print Spooler service on occasion. It shows the network printers as offline.
What sort of printer? If it a wireless one make sure you set up a static IP address for it as this will most likely be the cause of you having to remove and re-add frequently.
thanks for this. i am running into another problem now it stopped working again and i deleted the printer from the SP2 and try to add it back and the SP2 will not see it. i restarted my router, i restarted the SP2 and restarted the printer to no avail.

its an HP 8500A which I have wired into the router.

not sure how I set it for a static IP.

i guess i am kind of dumb. i assumed since my printer was found and worked right out of the box with sp2 i didnt need to install hp software. but then i had problems with the printer connecting and reconnecting when i left the office. now all is well i downloaded the hp software for 8.1 hopefully that doesnt mess with my battery life at all