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So... I won a Surface 2! But Microsoft won't let me have it

It's terms and conditions. Read them. Would you have been equally upset to win a competition to find you are not eligible due to age? I appreciate it is annoying, but microsoft being international, and using twitter, it changes absolutely nothing with regard to the rules of the contest. I see it as little different to people complaining that they got ripped off with their "free" holiday they won on a scratchcard. 5 minutes going over the TOC and they'd have known that it's gonna cost them a good bit of money.

What was the import tax btw? I know that customs can be a bunch of f'ing c's. A friend recently came back from a long stay in the US, and had to have a box of clothes (not ones she'd bought over there) shipped back to the UK and was ordered to pay £80 import taxes for her own clothes, bought in the UK. Conversely i've never been hit with any import taxes, might not be the reason why, but i always request the item is removed from it's packaging, and labeled as a gift.