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So, you want a proper sound EQ ? how about the official dolby one!

So after much fiddling, I have discovered that the inbuilt audio system utilises the Dolby Advanced Audio system.

The standard (and pretty old) drivers provided by the firmware packs / windows update do not include the actual dolby sound EQ application.

However, you CAN install the latest realtek HD audio drive with Dolby and get it!

here is how:

(since im not allowed to post links to executable files)
Go to the Realtek HD audio drivers section of Station-Drivers


Find the latest version which is listed as "+Dolby" (currently 7399 on page 2), download it and extract the archive

remove, and uninstall the current Realtek HD audio driver from device manager, then reboot

Install the doanloaded driver. When it has finished, do not immediately reboot. OPen the archive and go into the DS1\x64 folder and run the DolbyDigitalPlusAA executable to install the equaliser.

Reboot, and you will find the dolby equaliser in control panel. Tune to your hearts content :)

Hope this helps folks out :)

Please do not be concerned with security issues with Station-Drivers, I have been using them for years and they are very well regarded. I have never had a corrupt or malware infected file from them. They simply aggregate world wide driver updates


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doesn't removing the Realtek HD drivers make the speakers non functioning? wouldn't/shouldn't you install the Dolby equalizer in conjuction with the Realtek drivers?

Gavin Lewarne

Re-read the first 4 words of part 4 :p

You are removing the old driver, rebooting, then installing a new driver to replace it that supports the dolby software which it is bundled with


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How does the sound differ?

I have no doubt about Dolby for sure, but I think the audio software of the SP3 is custom-tuned to the point where Panos Panay was brave enough to play a movie through SP3's speakers on the press event.

Gavin Lewarne

I have tried the Razor EQ but it does not have the level of options available in the official Dolby package. Also the official Dolby EQ operates at the driver level, not some process on top. Essentially it opens up the options that Microsoft preset in the driver.

As for sound quality, it is no different to the default driver if you do not change any of the settings


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Is there any way to make the equalizer work with headphones? It only shows peaks in the graphical eq and changes the sound when on speakers.


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Well I tried with my Surface Pro 2. I get the program, but nothing works in the Dolby Digital panel.
I even tried making Device manager point to Vista6 folder where the drivers are, and it says that my drivers are up to date. :/

Did I miss something. Yes I have uninstalled the Realtek driver before.

If I use the RealTek drivers control panel, then I use that EQ.
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