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Software advice for child's school work please


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Hi, my son is 11, just starting secondary school. He has autism and sensory issues but is very bright. He won't touch paper. We have just bought a Pro 4 for him to use in place of exercise books.
Could anyone suggest or advise what notepad apps or software he could use to bring up lined paper that he would just use as his peers use a book to write in?
Also any art apps or software that he could use as paper to do his art lessons on.
His school is struggling to give him an inclusive education so we have taken the plunge ourselves to invest in him.
Thank you.


Have you tried OneNote? It's already built in. Open a note, then on the "View" menu there is a "Rule Lines" option that puts lines and a margin onto the page.

I'm not sure about apps for his art lessons though, there are plenty out there but I've no idea which are most suitable, it's not my thing.