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Surface Display Dock Monitor Resolution Issues


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My boss used to use an iPad for on the go responding to emails and surfing the web etc.

We ran into difficulty with the iPad because of the way it handles mail attachments, and using apps to FTP into the network and browse files and open them on the go.

I suggested to him that he looks at purchasing a Surface Tablet as that will integrate much into our network instead of using a iPad which doesn't always integrate properly.

He purchased a Surface Pro 4, i7, 16gb ram.

The problem however is that since using the Surface Tablet, he finds it really frustrating when undocking and docking all the time using the Display Dock.

His configuration is just using 1 Monitor, and is NOT using the Tablet as a secondary monitor. So the primary monitor is a LG Flatron E2351 connected via HDMI to Mini DisplayPort.

Common/Regular Problems seem to be:
1) Resets all of the screen sizes & resolutions (and you have to change them back)
2) Fonts are extremely large, or extremely small.
3) Monitor is fuzzy/hazy
4) Text is hard to read or inconsistent
5) Programs are not maximizing and jump all over the place.
6) Start Menu icons change from Large to Small.

He's ready to throw the thing at the wall, and just keeps reverting back to using the iPad.

I have run the ClearType Font setting to see if that makes any difference.
I have checked for Firmware Updates.

Any suggestions on how I can try and minimize these issue? Or suggestions to try?
If we restart it everything seems to be fine and reverts back to normal.

Has anyone else had this experience?


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I would get him a newer 4K DisplayPort Monitor and he should experience a better solution - that monitor is from 2012 is 1080p.

Also not sure if you are still on Windows 10 TH2 (1511) or AU (1607), from the post it sounds like TH2 as the AU update handles external monitors much better...


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I'm having the same problem. I had a SP3 before and could connect to the dock without the resolution issues but now it's terrible! I have to shut it down each time I disconnect, or restart each time I connect to the dock. I'm using LG monitors.
I've gone through Microsoft tech support, and my brother had been a Microsoft technician for years and nobody can fix the problem. Microsoft just sent me a new one saying it must be hardware related... I haven't opened it yet, I think I may just get rid of it and use my wife's SP3 instead, unless there is some solution.
Microsoft also told me that there is a short list of monitors that are compatible with the Surface Dock and that I should replace my monitors with one from the list. Not a solution in my opinion. HDMI, and the digital signal should not be an issue, someone at Microsoft should be able to improve the drivers to work.

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