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Sold my Surface... but will stick around...

The Dell has "Full" windows but not the "Professional" version. This means no Media Center, domain joining and a few other things.

I stated that I already had and used my OTG cable with the Dell. This does not provide charging and USB access at the same time.

I am pretty sure I had a defective unit. When I say wiped I am saying there was no OS. Thankfully I was able to recover using the flash recovery drive I made with the Windows create recovery utility.

I have not really looked in to the other 8" Windows tablets to know if any of them have the ability to charge and use USB together. I know the ASUS T100 Windows tablet and the Surface do though. It seems like an oversight to me.

I didn't mean to sound like I was putting the Dell down. I just wanted to be clear about why it didn't work for me. I really like a lot about it as well. BTW, I still have the IVSO case if you are interested.

I completely understand... if it got wiped like that you were right to return it! I don't know that much about the other specs and features like USB and pro vs. Full, because all I really do is browse the web and read kindle books on it. But, again I hope you have better luck with the Surface Pro.