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New 8" BayTrail Windows 8.1 Tablets Announced...


Recently, there have been announcements for 4 new 8" BayTrail tablets running Win 8.1 that I have heard about and to be honest they all sound good to me... There's the Dell Venue 8 Pro, Toshiba Encore, Lenovo Miix 2 (announced yesterday) and today Acer just announced the W4 the follow up to the W3... Got your eye on any of these new contenders? Personally I like the looks of all of them but I think I will have to choose just one. Any advice on which is the best? Thanks. :)
The only two I know much about are the Miix and the Venue. The Miix has a 1200 x 800 resolution vs 1280 x 800 on the Venue, and the Miix is a capacitive stylus versus active on the Venue.

I'd be looking at an iPad mini for a tablet that size, so I haven't done much homework on these BayTrail tabs.
Then lets turn this into a Surface Mini discussion