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[Solved] Surface Soft Keyboard Does Not Work on This Forum


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I am having a problem specific to this forum. When making a post or replying to a post, when I tap on a text box my on screen keyboard pops up then immediately goes into hiding again before I can enter any text. From what I have experienced this is the only forum this occurs. I can only enter text via the touch keyboard. Anyone else experiencing this?
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Re: Surface soft keyboard does not work on this forum

You may want to try Boardexpress from the store.
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Just removed my Type Keypad and sure enough I have the same issue. Keyboard appears and disappears instantly.


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Change your default editor in he forum under Settings - General Settings - Message Editor Interface to Enhanced WYSIWYG and the on-screen keyboard should behave better. The forum seems to glitch and close the on-screen keyboard if set to the Basic or Standard. Hope the helps.


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Took a little trial and error to find one that worked. I think the Standard editor was the original default. I then tried the Basic figuring it would be the most likely success, but to no avail. Tried the Enhanced since I like to check the web sitting on the couch and only using the on-screen keyboard (split layout). Glad to assist.