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Sound Card Recorder?

I have software on my laptop to record internet radio programmes and would also love to be able to do this via my Surface RT but so far cannot find a suitable app. Anyone know of anything?


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There are at least 3 sound recorder applications in the Store. Perhaps you should give Tape Recorder a try.


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You got what on the PC, the Beats logo? :)

For real technology look at ONKYO, for one.


I apologize to the OP for this OOT stuff.
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Kindly tell me the Beats technology in your PC, what is it? I've read the press releases of HP and Beats and most of it are vague marketing, yeah, it has an equalizer? I'd be gladly educated on the chips used by Beats to influence the sound. Are they even Dolby-certified for one?

Sorry, but I don't buy marketing.


Ironically, there are some iPod devices that provide audiophile quality sound due to "investment" in Wolfson DAC, which were only discovered when it was taken apart. No marketing there. Well, the marketing is iPod :p
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