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Music apps (instruments, not media players)


Hi all,

has anyone found any good music creation apps for win8?

Music Maker Jam is the best one I've found. It is just a loop player and pretty limited, but it comes with 4 free loop packs and it is quite fun and a nice time killer. There is no way to sequence your own melodies or chord progressions though.
I have also found it useful to just mute everything except the drums and program in a few different drum loops and practice/noodle with my guitar over the top.

Vintage Drum Machine and Vintage Synth are also pretty good, but have no recording functionality. Both apps I was able to set the latency to 10ms and they still sounded OK. I just wish you could make the Vintage Synth keys little wider. Too many miss hit keys.

I found it's also fun to start Music Maker Jam, then put it into the sidebar, start Vintage synth in the main window and you can play melodies on Vintage Synth while MMJ still plays at the same time. No recording kinda sucks, but still a better way to pass the time than playing games.

I haven't found a good guitar for loading up chords and being able to change between them and strum in real time (ala Solo on Android, which is excellent for writing chord progressions on my phone).

Any other music apps you guys have found that I should check out?
I really want something to be able to record song ideas quickly and easily (chords, melody and drums). Something like Caustic 2 on Android.
I tried installing the Windows version of it, but it doesn't look good on the Surface Pro screen, and the sound was messed up.