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SP screen way too big

Arizona Willie

Arizona Willie

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Geez ... this has been happening for so long I have no idea what I installed before it began.

If you've ever used one of the old Xoom tablets ( mine still works ) they have multiple desktops and you just slide the screen from one to the other. This acts a lot like that.

I have multiple monitors on this desktop and I suspect synching between the SP and the desktop is causing the SP to think it has a super large desktop.

Oh well, my owner is using it most of the time now since the hard drive on the laptop got funky and is failing. I'll probably pick up a SP4 when they come out with W10.

She mostly just plays those games with dropping pieces and, once in awhile will surf the net a little bit, but she would never get involved in a forum like this so she never has a problem with the width and she doesn't experience what I do :(

But, if I can, I would like to solve the problem.

What was the last thing you installed before this started happening?