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SP2 vs SP3


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It is marketed as a laptop replacement...
And much of the disappointment from the SP2 crowd is due to the unexpected poorer performance.
There is a big difference between laptops -- there are some high end ones with workstation like performance, there are some light ones for mobile computing, and there are some cheap ones for the penny pinchers. ;)

I have 2 good laptops that see practically zero use now because have an SP3.

Is it too much to expect SP1<SP2<SP3
IMHO, the relationship is: SP1 < SP2 << SP3 ;)
I know many of you disagree with this, but I guess I have different priorities. :)

Of course I'm treating it as a tablet (or as an ultraportable laptop) and if I need to run something CPU intensive such as building Android, I have a dual CPU Dell Precision with 8 cores and 32GB memory. I'm not a gamer, though I do have some games that came with an AMD video card, and I can probably try them out on an SP3

In any case, I'd like to get some comment on my question:
"How do you know that it's being throttled, and what are you doing when that happens?"
To expand on it, what programs do you run when this happens, does it happen with regular office or internet type programs, or does it happen with programs other than a games?

In addition, can this throttling reproduced with *any program* available from the Microsoft store? That would the best by a long shot because they would be more likely to take a look.

In my opinion, it shouldn't be too difficult to add a "performance" mode where the fan is turned on earlier and runs at a higher RPM; however, there are obviously some limitations to this because there is a limit on how much heat the hardware can dissipate at a given ambient temperature.


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Returned my SP3 today. It was very hard to do but couldn't let the 30 days return pass. I had many issues with the SP3, the last straw being that my surface would not recognize my WD external drive and kept saying that it needed to repair itself when restarting.

This was very hard to part with, as I've become accustomed to the light do it all powerhouse that is SP3.

Given the choice of battling a refresh, updates and troubleshooting, it was just easier to backup and take advantage of the Return policy.

I will definitely be following the forum to see of improvements and looking to purchase the SP3 I7 model if Microsoft has made improvements to the Wi-Fi, heat and throttling issues by release day.