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SP3 capable of driving a 4k + 2k monitor?


I have a 4k and 2k monitor which I tried daisy chaining via Display port as follows.

SP3 i7 (via built in mini DP)-> mini DP to DP ->Acer 272HUL (2k 60hz)-> DP to DP -> Philips (4k 30hz)

1. Acer 2K is the only one with DP Out port (has DP v1.2)
2. Philips 4k was tested in DP v1.1 and v1.2
3. The moment I plug in the Philips into the Acer, the Sp3 freezes for a minute and then returns back to operation, but the Philips doesn't work.
4. Intel Graphics Control Panel detects the Philips, but attempts to enable it fail

Is it possible the SP3 just isn't capable of driving a 4k + 2k monitor? What if I put all the monitors in 1080, theoretically it should work then no?