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SP3 - Docking Station


Yes, I understand dockstation is connected via proprietary PCIe port with electronics to handle connectors, so mini Display and USB3 ports remain available on Surface.

Like the SP2 docking station, it has USB 3.0 ports and a mini display port. Unlike the SP2 dock, it also allows you to hook up extra peripherals to the ports on the SP3 directly. If you had to hook your monitor up to the SP3 directly every time then the docking station wouldn't really be a docking station.


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I really like the ability to put the keyboard cover on and off while it's docked. I'm still trying to figure out where I should put the tablet and if I should use that screen with my dual monitors or not.


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All of us who will be getting our docking station as a normal user this Friday, can chime in with an answer. I most likely will close my keyboard up protecting the screen and just use either my 8' screen or at my desk a 22' monitor or two.


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Does anyone know if you can have different system 'profiles' so that when the Surface is docked certain settings can be automatically adjusted? For instance, turn off Wi-Fi and use wired, or automatically use the Mini Display port external monitor and not the built in screen, etc..

My current laptop dock station allows this and it is helpful.


for my SP2 it does keep the settings, i dont have too much changed but the screens keep where i set them, when docked 1600/1200 when i pull it out 1600/900 and the audio stays at docked sound when docked and tablet shound when undocked. it's like the whole sliced bread thing all over again. ok it's beter then sliced bread
SP3 Docking Arrived (ordered in USA on ebay on Monday) here in germany. Windows Update found immediately driver.

Here some pics







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