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Surface Pro 3 Docking Station Issues


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Recently got a new I7 Surface Pro 3 with Docking Station. Had a few false starts getting all the ports and display port working but finally all started to work. Was working great for a week or so and seemed quite stable with reconnections to the docking station.
I unplugged my SP3 the other night and tonight put it in the dock and now only the Display Port is working. None of the USB, Ethernet or Sound Port seem to be working at all.
I have checked all the updates, tried rebooting, unplugging and even removed the latest windows patches. I also plugged in devices that had power lights (HDD and Mouse) just to make sure there is power to the USB ports. Even uninstalled all the USB drivers and did the device scan to re-find the devices. I have pretty much done all the general troubleshooting I can think of. The SP3 USB port seems to work fine with all the devices when directly connected and it appears to be only related to the docking station.
I see that others seem to be having a hit and miss affair with the SP3 docking station as well but am unable to find any common threads/solutions as it all seems a bit random for many people.
Bottom line is the display port on the SP3 docking station is working great but none of the other ports are being recognised at all.
Any insights that might help solve the issue would be appreciated.