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docking station issue, the latest


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i5 256gb 8gb ram, SP3 and docking station. WIN8.1

Sooooo many hours with this issue ....

Sp3 is display 1.

I have two Dell U2415 monitors (currently used as ‘Display 2′ and ‘Display 3′).

They worked for 6 weeks fine with my now retired 2008 series HP Elite SFF desktop.

Sunday, I retired the HP and connected display 2 to the SP3 docking station and daisy chained display 3 to display 2.

On the SP3 the tablet, screen is “operational” (display 1).

Using original Dell supplied MDP to DP cable to connect to display 2 (Dell U2415), and Dell MDP to DP cable from display 2 to display 3.

When using the SP3 Docking Port, I got ridiculous flickering on both monitors, … and the SP3, albeit with start up SP3 issues (took 30 minutes to boot SP3 up yesterday morning), and lots of flickering and unstable issues with the monitors.

(Sunday, Dell tech support advised resetting refresh rates to 60 from 59 for all three displays).

After going through almost every diagnostic known to Dell (over one hour) and MS (one hour 6 minutes) and me using my knowledge, I connected the Dell MDP cable directly to the SP3 and the flickering, especially on displays 2 and 3, seem to be gone.

The docking port seems to be the cause at this writing.

I have had a stable display on all three displays all day Monday after i made the switch.

Whether it is the length of the tip of the MDP or not, this is not how I expected to spend my morning.

Glad I found Link removed, forum guideline violation (lovemysurface.net) that addressed this issue clearly, as it confirms what I thought: the SP3 Docking Station has lots of flaws.

PS: This is my 2nd docking station for the SP3 since I had power light problems with the previous docking station and Microsoft replaced that.

I am going to request MS replaces this newer docking station until I get a docking station that does what it is supposed to do.

I hope Microsoft corrects its docking station issue soon.

And I hope the connection in the docking station mdp plug is capable of handling a DP1.2 configuration.

This may be an unknown issue since I think the wiring may be different for a dp1.2 vs dp 1.1 cable, but -- what do I know?

All I know is the docking station does not work with mdp out to a daisy chain setup.

And the SP3 does work with this configuration, but that defeats some of the purpose of the docking station and the connection looks inelegant.

There are lots of threads like this (too many!) about the SP3 docking station and monitors.