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SP3 doesnt really shut down


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Of course he has win 8.1 as he's on SP3, what might be happening is he is going in to hibernate instead of shutting down.
Nope, that cannot be the case. In hibernate, the Home Button should not work. And the only difference between hibernate and shut down is that former creates a hiberfile which will be loaded upon restart.


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What you have here is simply a case of an incomplete shutdown for some reason. Because the Home Button makes the the device vibrate, that is a clear indication of that, and the dump analysis confirms that.

While there can be many reason behind bugcheck 9f, in case of the SP3, I think the majority is due to, guess what, the Wi-Fi driver. :(


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The same has happened to me once or twice. I selected Shut Down through the Charm menu, and it appeared to shut down. Then a bit later, my kid came along and plugged in a USB fan to the "shut down" SP3, only to have the fan actually power up. I have verified since, that the USB port does stay powered when in sleep/connected standby (yay!), but does not when shut down.

I paid attention a few times after and noticed it happen at least one other time. But haven't been focusing on it too much since. Also, I can't remember if it's happened since I did a full restore.


I had it yesterday again, so i disabled fastboot now and will wait until next firmware update. It doesnt really happen often, but i want a system without errors and those 2 seconds more boot time .. i can life with it ;)