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SP3 Excel 2013 shortcuts dont work

Tim Finnigan

New Member
2 Issues: My Type Cover on SP3 does not allow me to move around excel like I need to
I use large spreadsheets and am stuill using my Toshiba laptop for some work

If I hit Page Down I get the window to save the file as:
Shift-End-Down and Shift-End-Right do not work- as soon as the end key is hit, it pulls up the menu options for formatting cells???

I can't find any info on setting the keyboard correctly-
Thanks in Advance if you have input


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Sounds like you have function lock enabled.

To disable function lock, press Caps Lock + Fn simultaneously, then your problem should be solved.

On the Page Down key you also have F12. If you press the key normally, it might input F12. If you hold Fn at the same time, it will then scroll the page down. Function lock changes the default input, so you don't have to hold FN.

So for example, if you press the key and it inputs F12 (like it is doing), then if you change the function lock and try again, it will now input Page Down.