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Updated keyboard shortcuts


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Here is updated list plus some new shortcuts too...

Note: [NEW] denotes a new keyboard shortcut introduced in the the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Quick access to basic system functions:

  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Opens Task Manager.
  • WIN + F: Opens the Feedback Hub with a screenshot attached to your feedback.
  • WIN + I: Opens the Settings app.
  • WIN + L: Will lock your PC.
  • WIN + X: Opens a context menu of useful advanced features.
  • WIN + X and A: Opens Command Prompt with administrative rights.
  • WIN + X and P: Opens Control Panel.
  • WIN + X and M: Opens Device Manager.
  • WIN + X and U then S: Puts your PC to sleep.
  • WIN + Down: Minimizes an app.
  • WIN + Up: Maximizes an app.
Capturing what’s on your screen:

  • Alt + PrtScrn: Takes a screenshot of open window and copies to your clipboard.
  • WIN + PrtScrn: Takes a screenshot of your entire desktop and saves it into a Screenshots folder under Photos in your user profile.
  • WIN + Alt + R: Start/stop recording your apps & games.
Mastering File Explorer:

  • Alt + D in File Explorer or browser: Puts you in the address bar.
  • F2 on a file: Renames the file.
  • Shift + Right-click in File Explorer: Will give you option to launch Command Prompt with whatever folder you are in as the starting path.
  • Shift + Right-click on a file: “Copy as path” is added to the context menu.
For the taskbar:

  • WIN + <number>: Opens whatever icon (app) is in that position on the taskbar.
  • [NEW] WIN + Alt + D: Opens date and time flyout on the taskbar.
  • WIN + S: Search for apps and files. Just type the app name (partially) or executable name (if you know it) and press Enter. Or Ctrl + Shift+ Enter if you need this elevated.
  • WIN + Shift + <number>: Opens a new window of whatever icon (app) is in that position on the taskbar (as will Shift + Click on the icon).
  • WIN + Shift + Ctrl + <number>: Opens a new window of whatever icon (app) is in that position on the taskbar with administrative rights.
Remote Desktop and Virtual Desktop:

  • CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow: VM change keyboard focus back to host.
  • CTRL + ALT + HOME: Remote Desktop change keyboard focus back to host.
For example, in a VM, CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow then ALT + TAB lets you get focus back and switch to an app on your dev machine besides the VM.


  • [NEW] WIN + Shift + C: Opens Cortana to listen to an inquiry.
Other neat keyboard shortcuts:

  • Alt + X in WordPad: Using on a selected character or word in WordPad will show/hides the Unicode.
  • Alt + Y on a UAC prompt: Automatically chooses yes and dismisses the prompt.
  • Ctrl + mouse scroll-wheel: Scrolling will zoom and un-zoom many things across the OS. Middle clicking on the mouse scroll-wheel will dismiss tabs, open windows in taskbar, and notifications from the Action Center (new).
  • Shift + F10: Will open the context menu for whatever is in focus.
Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts on Surface devices:

  • Fn + Left arrow: Home
  • Fn + Right arrow: End
  • Fn + Up arrow: Page Up
  • Fn + Down arrow: Page Down
  • Fn + Del: Increases screen brightness.
  • Fn + Backspace: Decreases screen brightness.
  • Fn + Spacebar: Takes a screenshot of the entire screen or screens and puts it into your clipboard.
  • Fn + Alt + Spacebar: Takes a screenshot of an active window and puts it into your clipboard.

And here's the link from MS on these plus some popular shortcuts...