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SP3 goes to sleep playing Microsoft Silverlight


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My cable company provides an app that uses Microsoft Silverlight to stream cable tv to your computer. When I run it, Windows doesn't detect anything is playing, and goes to sleep while I'm watching the app. Besides setting my SP3 to never sleep, anyone have an idea how to fix this?



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This is not a Windows/SP3 issue but a programming one. Unfortunately, it boils down to simple coding laziness on the developer's side. There is a specific API they are supposed to use that is supposed to suppress sleep when its processes are active.

To answer your question, you'll have to manually change the sleep settings whenever you use this app, or use a third party utility that will suppress sleep while the utility is running and then turn it off when you're finished watching tv, (or it will never go to sleep!)


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Use the Windows Mobility Center. Type "mblctr" on Start to find it. From here, activate presentation mode to prevent your computer from sleeping.

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