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SD card issue, sleep cycle


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I've searched all over the web and forums, still having some trouble with my new sp3 and the 64gb sd card I purchased.

I have a sandisk ultra 64gb.

The issue: if computer sleeps for more than 45minutes - upon waking up it will not detect the SD card unless rebooted.
This is bad news for me because I am using the SD card to run firefox and a couple of vital apps that I use to read books / markup documents.

Has anyone ran in the same issue and how did you solve it?
What i've done so far to no avail;

1. windows is fully up to date
2. card properties are set for best performance (with indexing)
3. did a full system refresh

Is this an issue anyone else experienced?

Thank you,




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Sorry, I keep all my apps on the SSD for the fastest load and run. I only installed the micro sd memory to put some music & or photos on. Did you try a different sd to see if it does the same thing. Mine is also a 64 gig drive.


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I mean if there is no solution I will have to reinstall everything to the ssd, thought it would be worth a shot maybe its just a simple registry change away from working fine.


I used to have the same problems as you have on the Sandisk SD card. I have since replaced it with a Samsung Evo SD card and the problem disappeared immediately ....it has now been 10 months already....no recurrence. It is the sandisk card issue.


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GOOD LUCK. There are well-known problems with the SD Drives that Microsoft has refused to acknowledge. I tried multiple SD Card Types. All unreliable--come in and out for no reason. Finally stopped working at all. Bought the surface rather than an ipad specifically because it had an SD drive. Total Fraud. Microsoft Store guy said the only solution is to buy a new machine where they fixed the problem! Gee. Thanks so much for the genius help.