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sp3 in australia


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Hi, i'm another SP3 owner from Australia {QLD}.

I have been reading this forum for a few months now to learn about the SP3...pros/cons etc. finally decided to take the plunge and have owned an i5 4/128GB for approx three weeks ... i.e now past my initial 14 day no questions asked return policy via MS AU. as I've been quite pleased with it I have decided to register here.

it is not a 'perfect' device as I have the yellow line issue plus a small amount of light bleeding, but it has generally been faultless otherwise with no fan or wifi issues worth mentioning [touch wood]. the fan was the biggest thing for me after buying a sony vaio flip that had the 'jet engine' fan I couldn't bear.

currently using it mostly for study - annotating pdf's - but one day I would hope to experiment a little with drawing and/or design programs.



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well if you have the yellow line defect, then I would return it for another... but that's just me lol apart from that welcome aboard mate!


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hehe, thanks for the welcome :)

i realised in the days i was using it that i didn't notice the line unless i specifically looked for it. e.g if i am annotating a pdf i'm concentrating on that, not looking at the line, and most other things i do are not white background. if it had any other faults e.g loud fan or crooked chassis then i certainly would have swapped/returned it. also because i have seen other faults listed for the SP3 i didn't want to swap it and get a unit that i found more annoying to me. i'll only return for the yellow line if it gets more noticeable.

i'm really quite chuffed with it overall, it is a lovely tablet/laptop.